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Need Help: Does Co2 HASH come in this form? Co2 Crumble? (Or is this BHO)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by co2orBHO, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Hi!
    Glad to be here.
    I came accross someone selling (prop 215) what they say is CO2 extracted hash oil but its not oil it looks more like BHO crumble.
    I live in NV which is the sketchy medical state that has no dispencaries only other paitents selling low quality product. The flowers are unsmokeable here and the BHO 9 times out of 10 is unpurged.
    This paitent claims to have a "$93,000" machine that extracts the hash oil using Co2.
    I've done a TON of co2 oil and it is my hands down favorite but it was always a oil, honey like substance, never looked like a dry "crumble" state.
    I was unable to find any co2 hash like this (I wouldnt call this oil at all)
    I just want to know if this COULD be co2 extracted or does all co2 extracts come in an oil form?
    Thanks in advance.
    PS. Please ONLY reply if you know 100% for a fact


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  2. bump - no one knows? 
  3. most likely BHO, but co2 can make a crumbly product
  4. Well it's not hash oil I can tell you just by looking at it. But hey if your getting it for like 40 a g tops have at it. Looks good to me, it's not black but him keeping it in a soda cup makes me say as a patient it's a personal problem of how he treats the product after he's done his run. If its in a cup it's drying out in the open air. Walmart sells mason jars smh
  5. I'd pay 20 a g to 35 a g, looks good, idk what it is, probably some fucking dank!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    Yes, C02 machines can produce crumbles and waxy extracts, although that consistency is created through processing after the extraction. When the product comes out of the Co2 extractor, it looks like this:
  7. Thank you!

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