Need Help Distinguishing Sex

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  1. The top picture is showing female. Still to early for the rest for me to tell
  2. None of these pics show females or males

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  3. Look harder at the first picture. Im sure I see pistils
  4. I could be wrong.. looks like it to me
  5. Can't see them might just be because I'm on my phone

    Sky's the limit
  6. Same here.. im a phone.
  7. No sex yet. Give them a bit longer. You will see white hairs if female and clusters of balls if male.
  8. Give it a bit longer, you never know, they could be anything at this point
  9. in the first pic i think i see the beginning of a calyx....  too early to tell though indefinitely..
    those things you were asking about sticking up at the nodes are called stipules i believe.
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    Still a little early but im thinking male. That little crab claw is my reason... i had 4 turn out to be male with same claw

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  11. Yes I was thinking the same thing a few days have passed and there appears to be two roundish structures between a few of the branches. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1408798684.821206.jpg

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  12. Male or Female?

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  13. Bub looking like a male. Give it a few more days to be absolutely sure. Chris those are female. Those white hairs are pistals and a sure sign of female.

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