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  1. So i have 3 seeds that just sprouted and have now started growing, i have them on a 24/0 cycle same goes for my clone,

    I want to grow them at the same rate, like stage-wise

    want them all to last just as long on veg state and move them both to flowering at the same this possible?
    can i retard the growth of my clone by keeping it in veg state longer?

    and can someone explain to me, how long (week-month wise) a plant needs to be in vegatative state, and how long in flowering,....(those are the only stages right) if not please lmk what im missing.

    heres a link to my plants

    All my plants will be on 105Watt CFLs that put out 6500k, and i might throw in a couple 23 watt 6500ks just for kicks, as well as a couple 2700k low watt ones...just to add light all across ofc
  2. Essentially, you can veg a plant as long as you want, just keep it on 24/0 or 18/6. The shortest I would go is 2-3 weeks, though. Flowering usually takes 60-80 days, depending on the strain. I'm not sure what you mean on the rest of the post, I'll have to look at your setup. I hope that helps a little, check my sig, I have stage grows as well. Good luck!
  3. well essentially what im asking, is if i can keep my clone plant on veg state, so that my other seedling can catch up, and i can just flower them all at the same time

    heres my set up
    i got 2 6500k lights on my clone
    and 3 2700k on my seedling, getting 4 new 105 watt 6500k to put on each of them once they arrive
    and will be linning my closet with panda wrap stuff
    ive been giving my plant more NO so the coloring could come back and it seems to be working [​IMG]
  4. Ok, think about what you are asking here.

    To answer your question, yes you can flower them all at the same time. But what is your question based around the clone? You can't just "stop" growth without hurting the plant in some way. If you want to flower your plants at the same time, you're going to have to veg them all together.

    There is no way that the seedlings are going to catch up to the clone, unless you are intentionally trying to stop the clone from growing. You can flower them all at the same time, but there is nothing you can do about the differences in sizes, except hope that the seedlings will grow fast and catch up the clone.
  5. oh no, dont get me wrong, i dont wanna stunt its growth in any way, i just want to flower and harvest them all at the same time, so thats why i ask, the clone will be lst'd i think, because its a sativa strain as i can tell by the leaves, so i will let it grow, i just will start the flower stage with all of them at the same time, i yet dont know the strands of the other 3(wether theyre indica or sativa)
    but depending on that i might lst all the sativas, just because my closet isnt so big and they can grow pretty tall
  6. Then yes, you can flower them all at the same time. I have some trees in my closet right now that I started to 12/12 at day 10. They're now about 5 feet tall, and have grown about 4 feet in the 12/12 time.

    They'll be fine to flower/harvest together (assumign they finish together) but realize the clone could get a bit bigger than the seedlings. However, if you plan to LST, then it's all a moot point anyway.

    Good luck with your grow.

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