Need help diagnosing my plant.

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    The plant is in a 3gal pot, with miracle grow. 6 23 watt cfls.

    I am not sure what happened to my plant. One day it was fine then the next day this started to happen. I've been looking around trying to find out but can't find an answer. My main guess is the Ph, since I do not have a Ph scale unfortunately. I've been using water from the bathroom sink. I'm LST'ing the plant and not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    Any help is much appreciated.

  2. are the lights too close to the plant if so the lughts could be burning it but the plant looks fine its just the tips burned and are you giving nutrients with it cause if you are it could be getting nute burns.
  3. The lights are about 3-4 inches away from the plants. No nute burn do to me not giving any nutes which I guess could be the problem.
  4. yea it you havent been feeding it then it needs nutes
  5. Alright cool. What do you suggest; I just finished paying rent so I won't have money for like 2 and half weeks, so is there like a cheap alternative to get me by for that time or should I just replant in new soil ?
  6. not sure what to tell ya transplanting it will shock it even more and it looks like it's barely hanging on as you're going to need something to check the ph of your water...guess you can try if thats your only option
  7. use some rain water lol it could help because rain water is helpful it dont give nutes but helpful. better for the plant then tap water
  8. It looks only at the tips, looks like heat to me.

    Are the very edges curling up slightly? Is the ambient temperature too warm?

    The lights dont have to be too close to burn it, if the overall temps are too high it will dry the plant out as well.

    Could be nutes too like everyone else is suggesting. Just seems odd its all over in the pictures not just bottom up or killing whole leaves, its just the edges.
  9. The temps are usually high 70's and low 80s with humidity around 50. Would it help if I took a pic of the whole plant.
  10. With temps that low and not being close to the light its almost impossible to be heat stress. =/

    Just doesnt look like normal nutrient problems.

    Either way, this guide searched through google or any browser is extremely helpful with diagnosing plant problems.

    Just look up "Plant Abuse Chart & Photos by Nietzsch"
  11. mine looked like that.i grow mine in cocoa.i forgot to buy rhizotonic to go with my cocoa soon as i got it in it went and my plants are fine now.
  12. It the miracle fucking grow ......what were u thinking that has weed killer dude some books ...Awww I feel bad for your babys.... Get them it out and put in organic soil like fox farm ....
  13. Tap water Awww come on dude ..spring water is what they need .also you need more light ....and nutes ....ur gonna have to change everything your doin.....hope they come around good luck... Here's mine

  14. its a water or ph issue...first thing is to find out about your water...most city water has chlorine or chloramine in it..this kills plants and friendly mircobes just like it kills most you need water for fish tanks...and you need to find out the ph of your got lots of studying ta do...what type of soil is it:smoke:
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    That looks exactly how my plant was looking! She grew fine for 3 weeks in miracle grow (transplanted in to it as a 1 week old clone). After the third week started noticing burnt tips on 1 or 2 leafsets, about a week later it was 10 times worse. I have a ph meter and knew my ph was low, but being my first grow wasn't sure if that was the actual problem. I had never fed her nutes at that point, and was using purified water that ph'd at 7.3, but my runoff was 4.3! I took a chance and transplanted her in her fragile condition in to fox farm soil 9 days ago and she's coming around great! The burnt stuff will obviously never recover, but it will turn a really light color and you'll start noticing the bottom growth getting better first. I have a buddy growing the same plant from the same batch of clones in the same miracle grow I was using with no problems. I'll definitely never use it again and I think that's the general consensus. Between the acidic ph and the time released nutes in it, it's pretty much hit or miss. I picked up my bag of fox farm for 20 bucks shipped for 12qts on eBay. Pics of my girl are towards the bottom of this thread

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