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  1. Hey all

    So i have done a little outdoors growing back in the Fiji islands. It requried very little maintenance but have spent my whole childhood life in the gardening field of things so im not a noob to gardening.

    So anyways onto my question!

    I live in a studio apartment in the "basement"(its not actually but we call it the basement). I have a tenet only on one side of the wall from me. My landlord has never come in here, nor has ever requested(lived here for 6+ months). My job will be coming to an end in August/September and am not looking forward to having to pay for weed. So i figured i can get rid of one of my desks and get a tent and have a few plants growing:D

    The desk is a Ikea cheap piece of shit. Its 32inchs wide by 27inchs long. I was thinking in that space put a 2x2 tent. But i am not sure on what products are the best. So i was hoping i could get some help from some of you who ahve some experience and insight:)

    So with that space i was thinking get a 2x2 tent from amazon:Tent

    As for lighting and what i should grow in, i want to leave it up to you(the GC public).

    I would like to keep power bill down along with the cost of the total setup(minus seeds/clones). I have a total of $550 saved but i would like to keep it below the $400 cost.

    Anyways what are your guy's thoughts? How many plants should i put in this space? I'd like to maximize weight for the area so i was thinking of doing a SCROG setup to add more budsites.

    What are your thoughts and ideas?

    Kind Regards,
  2. Hello this is rubyluise. I heard a lot about CFL and I know it is good for plants. But, somewhere I heard a HID lights of high pressure sodium bulbs. How are they ? It is good for growing plants?

  3. I'm no expert, but in my opinion I think they are good for growing plants. They are bright and do not put off too much heat and keep your electric bill a noticeable amount lower. I prefer using high pressure sodium bulbs though because I can use them for both vegetative and flowering stages for my plants.
  4. Even though I am not expert as well. But, I am appreciate that I finally got relief from my confusion over here. It's sounds great about high pressure sodium lights and according to you I am sure you will also give me positive opinion about it.
  5. HPS lights creat heat . if this is going to be in a bedroom it will probly heat your bedroom up to an uncomfertable temp.and HID lights also burn alot more electrical than a cfl . in a 2 by 2 tent i would probly fgo with LED or cfl . unless u can run a cooltube reflector and vent hot air right out a window or somthing like that . just dont forget about your carbon filter if you are in a populated area .also i dont kno wabout growing 4 plants . it might get alitle crouded in thier. unless u have a strain that isnt very leafy . do u know what kind of plant you are going to grow yet ? how tall is this tent ? and how many intake and output openings are thier ?if u do decide to go with a HPS i would personaly go with a 250watt. if u can run a cooltube shade umight be able to go with a 400watt. if u can aford the upgrade to a one size bigger tent. saylike a 3 by 3 your yeild will double and it will be alot easier to controle your climate . do u have any other suplys yet ? fans , pots, u growing dirt or hydro ? in a space that small i would recoment hydro . u cut down on alot of leaf's when growing hydro i found . but im sure thier are loads of people that would disagree with that . the best thing to do is plan on how you want to grow your plants . write down a list of everything that you will need to follow that path. they start finding brands and prices . also alot of the things people may recomend probly wont be at your local grow store . so u always half to be ready for comprimise.
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    250watt hps will give you 50watt per square foot in a 2.25 square foot area. I think thats about right . I just looked at that tent you were thinking of getting and it is 3 feet by 3 feet not 2by2
  7. I know some people even like to push it to 75W/sqf. A single 250W should be fine though.

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