need help designing a cheap mother cab ( 1 plant)

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  1. im looking to make a small cab i can keep one mother in. the plant is a couple weeks old now and i want to put it in its own small cab and keep it in there for like 2 or 3 months....i want to take 6-12 clones from it at once if possible.
    -am i asking to much of one plant to get that many cuttings?
    -minium wattage of CFLs for this
    -minimum size cab
    im guessing its gotta be like 2 or 3 feet tall and maybe 1.5 wide? idk but i wanna make it as tiny as possible.
    cant seem to find any good examples to copy if anyone has some.

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    My mother cabs two totes on each other with 4cfls and a 4" inline.  Can easy hold 3 moms
    23w cold
    But I am soon going to make a 2x3 out of pvc and buy a 4 bulb t5 2ft and use that wrapped in panda film
  3. Nice Man U got any pics ? What size pots are the moms in ? How many clones can u take from 1 plant that size ?

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