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  1. Hello,
    I currently have some leave wrinkling and what appears to be stunted growth. Almost as if the plant is having difficulty expanding its leaves. Any help would be very much appreciated. Just want to nip this problem in the butt. Thanks everyone.

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  2. How old is the plant?

    What temps do you have in your grow area?

    The more info you can give us the better we can help but for the sake of saying it the plant doesn't look very unhealthy at all. Doesn't look 100% either but, you know
  3. Plant was placed in soil approximately 2 weeks ago from germination. It has been warm in the room but over the last couple days I have cooled it down to about 70-75 degrees F. I have four others (different strains) in the same room that look good to go.
  4. I tend to over worry but I want to nip any problems in the butt. Thank you for your help.
  5. it could be the beginning of an issue with calcium and/or magnesium. Do you have a way to, or do you check your pH?

    Also, what soil/medium are you in, and what are you feeding if anything?
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  6. Currently using low doses of vegamatrix grow nutrient with tiny dose of calmag aka boost. Soil is happy frog potting mix in brown bag under 1000 watt raptor 6 metal halide
  7. As for ph. Getting new tester kit this weekend. Along with thermometer w/ probe. And potentially an air conditioner
  8. Hi love . I agree with sirsog above. Get ya ph tested asap. Maybe on the high side. Good luck and happy growing love xxx
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  9. You're the best guys/gals. And so quick to respond. I love it. Thank you.
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  10. image.jpeg Here's an updated photo. Fixed the ph and re-potted. Thanks again for the help.
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