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  1. So soccer season started and I've taken a break from bud. But when soccer is over in october I'm rewarding myself with a new piece. I'm seriously considering the magic flight launch box because of it's functionality and it's ability to be used basically anywhere. But I also really love glass and would love suggestions for either a good bong or bubbled.
    For the bong:
    12-16 inches
    Ice pinches would be great
    And my price range is $150-$250
    For bubbler:
    I'd like a showerhead but I'm open for anything
    Price range $150-$250
    I would appreciate names to look for or even specific pieces would be nice.
  2. Bump, soccer is about to be over next week at state finals. Been kicking some ass hahaha. Semi state tomorrow wish me luck
  3. What was that price range again?
  4. I heard the Luke Wilson? Not sure which brother, but the 15 arm bubbler is a good piece to have
  5. Do they sell those Luke Wilson 15 arms at lots of shops or just on the site that shall not be named?
  6. syn showerhead, nice straight or beaker tube decked out with a good downstem and high air flow slide, luke wilson/ben wilson 6 arm bubbler there is a decent amount you can get for what you wanna spend. Avoid cheap brands like weed star no reason to buy a WS when you are spending s much as you are.
  7. Thanks for all the replies guys. I've got lots to consider now. What to you guys have to say about mflb?
  8. [quote name='"Stonewalled"']Thanks for all the replies guys. I've got lots to consider now. What to you guys have to say about mflb?[/quote]

    Honestly its overrated in my opinion. Heard its a hassle when it comes to vaping, worrying about holding the battery not too long, combustion and trying to get it down after a few uses.

    But then the portability and what not make up for it.
  9. Also try looking into the SWG waffle piece. Heard its a good starter piece for quality glass. As well stemlines from Sovereignty, although from what I've read they sell out fast

  10. indeed they do

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