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Need help deciding which seeds to plant first

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by blazin420, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. Ok. I have:

    5 Feminized "Mazars",
    10 Nirvana "Northern Lights 5 x Big Bud",
    10 Nirvana "Haze",
    10 Nirvana "White Rhino"

    I wanted to get a mix of sativa and indica. But I am only going to grow 20 plants at a time.

    My goal is to get at least 8 females out of the 20 that produce at lest 1/2 ounce each growing in soil, SOG, under a 400W MH for vegging and a 400W HPS for flowering.

    Which seeds should I plant first? I am definately planting 10 White Rhinos. Should I plant the Haze or NL 5 x Big Bud?

    Also, with my current setup as mentioned above, do you think I'll get 1/2 ounce minimum per plant or will I need another lamp? I am asking this very broad question because I am thinking of buying another 400W lamp. Use 2 400W MHs for vegging and 2 400W HPS for flowering. But I'd rather not spend the extra $300 if I don't have to.
  2. Rhino you shmuck... what are you thinking of course the Rhino
  3. Well, that link has nothing to do with White Rhino.

    And I already stated in my post that I am definately planting the 10 White Rhinos. I just need help deciding between the Haze and NL 5 x Big Bud.
  4. Well, my vote (if it counts) would have to go to the NL #5 x Big Bud. Just my personal opinion.

  5. id go with the nl5 x bud.

    the haze is a much better plant but u wud have real height problems growing it next to rhino. it needs a grow of its own due to the way it grows.

    if u harvest the rhino at 6weeks then the smoke is very trippy and not like the couch lock of a 8 or 9 week plant. u can get what u want from just growing the white rhino alone and spliting the harvest.
  6. Cool. I am going with 10 White Rhino and the 5 Feminized Mazars for now. I am going to hold off on the Haze for a while. Probably for a long while.

    I have Power Plant growing now, then Ill have White Rhino and Mazar. Next month I'll grow NL x Big Bud with 5 Power Plants. Then in 2 months from now, I want to grow Jack Herer and Northern lights Pure Indica. I plan on statiing about 15 seeds every month. That way I have seedlings in the clone/seedling room under fluros, Vegging plants in the veg room under a 400W MH, and anothe crop in the Flowering room under a 600W HPS. Should be able to harvest every 5 to 6 weeks by Winter.

    I got an 1/8th of Haze this weekend. Its really good, but not what I'm lookng for. It was very cerebral, and even left me with a slight hangover. Not an easy feat considering I smoke everyday and total about 1 1/2 to 2 ounces a month. I am more into the Indica body stone. More of a "pain killer" type of bud. Indica is the way to go for me. But I also like Indica/Sativa mix like Jack Herer.

    I'll probably give the Haze seeds to a friend or something. I have more then I need right now. I have about 60 or so seeds atm. 25 or 30 are just plain bag seed.
  7. I'd love to plant them all, but I don't think I have enough room, and I know I would not be able to effectively contain that much smell.;)

    That would be quite a trip from Oregon to NJ. But you are welcome to visit whenever. I love smoking with new people.:)

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