need help deciding which perc'd bong to get

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  1. alright, so i've been smoking for a year now and i've owned several bongs. my friend just broke the one i own so its time for a new one... and lately i've been missing my 32" 3 dome perc bong, and how hard it used to rip me. with that baby i'd have to stop smoking when i got too high, not decide when i was high enough to live with... and i miss that so much, so i wanna get a nice bong. i need enough filtration to take a hit that fills my lungs, not one that burns them every time and prevents you from filling your whole lung capacity. i've had little 1 foot bongs that do that, and its always disappointing... but anyway, i was thinking of getting either or and i'm also getting for the ashcatcher. the first one is 17" and the second is 21". i see the first one and think oh cool, it'll fit in a bookbag and i'll be set. but i see the second one and wonder how much harder it'll rip due that extra bulge and height. my friend also talks to me about how spacing out the filtration is nice, so the second would seem nicer there... but i'm not sure what logic that is based off of... anyway, which bong would you get and why? i'm really digging the idea of a bong that can fit in a bookbag, but i really don't like passing up a nicer toke everytime. also, do you think 1 tree perc and a 6 arm tree perc in the ashcatcher is enough for the filtration? it seems like it would be to me, but i don't have any experiences backing that up.
  2. Pretty sure those are cheap. Save some money and get a Toro-Itza-WS-SG-RooR-US Tubes. You can get all those with percs and you will be glad you spent the extra money.
  3. my last one broke and he cant pay me back for quite a while cause he's 15 and without a job... and i got robbed the other day and i'm $400 in debt... i can guarantee you i won't be glad when i have to dish out $200 extra dollars at a time like his
  4. Save money my friend. In the long run you will think me. Those tree percs are flimsy and break real easily. My friend tapped his Blue Dot on his counter and broke the tree. I would stay away from tree percs unless you spend some money and get reinforced arms. Check out ZOBs they are pretty quality for the money. You could also get a WS tiny tube with 10 arm for around $200
  5. its always a sad day to see money go down the drain, and while being in debt, i think it'd be even sadder... so yawbus you think i'd be happier in the long run with something like Weed Star Glass Bong - Elevator 2 - Online Shop instead? idk how, but WS is selling it ridiculously cheap
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    i'd say wait and get something that won't break the first time it falls on it's side...

    seriously consider checking out something from KIND Creations.. believe me, they are incredible. Otherwise, i've had some good experiances with PURE and ADS (amsterdam design) and ROOR, but make sure its a real roor if you decide to get one. - they take their time and really put some love into their work. Plus, if you buy from them and it ever breaks, clean it and they'll fix it cheap (break the downstem joint, it'll run like 25$ to get it fixed)
  7. That Weed Star looks cheap. When I said WS I was talking about Wicked Sands. From what I hear Weed Star is garbage. You also migh want to look into EHLE I dont know if they make perc'd tubes but they are solid for the money. Also like KR said Kind creations is nice if you can afford it. I really dont like the way they use colors in some of their stuff but they are solid.
  8. To order off that site you need to spend 150$ and have at least 12 items.
    Its a wholesale disturbution suppier.

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