Need help deciding which diffuser

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  1. Hey all.
    So i am driving myself crazy(ier) trying to decide which piece to get.
    I am on a limited budget and have narrowed it down to 2.
    Both are 7mm pieces as I wanted something solid and less likely to break.
    I like both of these for different reasons, the Graceglass is elegant looking and
    the Flaming skull has some color and is a beaker bottom.

    Any thoughts appreciated.
    I do have a couple of questions.
    How is cleaning a perculator and is one easier than the other?
    Joint size, is bigger better better?  Most seem to be 18.8mm.

  2. Grace the shit just looks so much better
  3. And I comes with a 6 arm diffy
  4. It looks great but I can't find any reviews on it as far as quality of the glass and craftmanship.
    I usually prefer the flask bottom, but one of my favorite peices of all time was a straightpull.
    I'm not a fan of carbs, even though the Grace has the plug for it.  Its just 1 more thing to worry about.
    Not sure if that's a real concern or me being picky.
  5. Let's start with the Grace. Your hits will be so smooth with the two percs but there is a carb hole(which is a con to me). It's just another thing to worry about. The flaming skull will probably pull better since it's smaller and only uses one tree perc. I had a piece very similar to the flaming skull, and it worked great and very smooth, Cleaning won't be a problem as long as you don't let it get too dirty. Just get 91% iso and kosher salt and you're set. I'd actually go with the flaming skull because the pull will be better, the beaker base will keep more bottom heavy so you won't accidentally knock it over, and it has a splash guard and ice catcher, which is always nice.
  6. The Flaming skull was my first choice & i came with seconds of ordering it last night, but the Graceglass is just so damn
    sexy looking.  It would be perfect if it wasn't for the carb :(.
    Decisions decisions.....
  7. The grace looks better. And tho the carb hole would be a con for me too, it comes with a plug for it so it wouldn't have to be used. It might be useful for filling/draining and cleaning. I would go with that looks like a better quality piece.
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    Not sure how many bongs you've had/hit, but speaking from some newbie experience, my tallest (Blaze 2x8Tower) is almost never used. I just got into glass a few months ago and I've hit my tall blaze like 5-15 times.
    I use my broken peyote pillar (duct-taped with a rubber hose....yeah) and my Bent Apache ( as hourly (?) drivers. Controling that 2x12 will also be a lot harder if you are new so your (at least my) experience wont be as pleasurable.
    The blaze ( is nice and It can be fun on a party but just chilling I'd prefer something easier to handle and more versatile. The blaze that I got is the same height as the GG you're thinking about. I think that the ~10cm diff on the flaming skull might make it a lot more manageable. Also keep in mind that 2/3rd of those trees wont fire if you tilt it, so it pretty much always have to be hit straight up if you do not want to loose too much function. The same applies with the included down stem (a showerhead always fires) if it is standing straight.
    Now if you into glass and know what you are doing then obviously you know what you want. Just wanted to share some knowledge I found to be quite expensive:p If I'd bought my first bong today on the budget you have, I'd go for a C2 3xRatchet ( to fill my daily needs and I'd say fuck the party bong.
    GL Brother and may your bubbles always stack.
  9. Thanks man! 
    This is going to be my first perc. so thanks for the advice on actually using it. 
    I used to have a tall acrylic with an alien skull as a base back in the day(mid 90's) with magnetic bowl to slide.
    Was pretty cool because it came with different size bowls with the magnets attached.
    Having to use a grill lighter to light it was a pita.
    I just broke a cheapo acrylic 12 incher & even that gave decent hits and was easy to use.
    How is the quality of the Blackleaf? 
  10. Quality wise the Blaze (, blaze bong:p? strange) is OK, its some "good" china glass. It's thick and sturdy, has reinforced joints and trees, nice grip for the hand due to the ice notches and its always nice to be able to change down-stem on china glass to change the profile of the hit (drag/diffusion). I like the heavy feel of it.
    If I had to complain about something quality wise then it would be the uneven slits on the trees. This kind of forces you pull a little harder when milking to get them all firing at once. The trees are actually 1 slit + open reinforced end. I think this could have been done better but if you want proper trees you often have to pay a little more. Going by the the pictures I'd rather pick your GG than my Blaze, I have no clue which has better glass though. Also I'm not crazy about the carb hole but that might be a non issue if the plug is good.
  11. Or it could be a complete pain in the arse and a weak spot. 
    perhaps i am over thinking this lol, but that is half the fun
  12. I'm 90% sure I am going with the flaming skull. 
    The carb on the Graceglass really ruins it for me, even though i like
    the way it looks more and the fact it has 2 percs  and is taller.
    Am I worried to much about the carb malfunctioning or weakening the piece as a whole?
  13. The first one is better
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  15. NC, thanks for the links.  I want something 7mm  at the minimum and i was hoping to take advantage of the superbowl sale :).
    If I can make my damn mind up :) lol!

  16. Check out It ships from the us and will be at your door in a week

    Don't buy these cheap ass grass city flaming skull bongs when you can something legit for the same amount.

    Also grass city takes like a month or more to ship it too you
  17. I've never hit an Illedelph pyramid style perc, but I heard drag is an issue. That's even on an Illedelph, the ones who invented this kind of perc.
  18. Is there a big difference between 5mm & 7mm glass? 
  19. [quote name="4x420" post="19452817" timestamp="1391361035"]Is there a big difference between 5mm & 7mm glass? [/quote]2mm thickness, BUT BE WARNED!Cheap imported glass is still made from cheap glass. So no matter how thick it is, the strength of the glass is a reflection of the original product. You can drop 3mm quality tubes from just as high as 7mm garbage tubes....Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  20. [quote name="The Band" post="19452427" timestamp="1391354567"]Check out It ships from the us and will be at your door in a week Don't buy these cheap ass grass city flaming skull bongs when you can something legit for the same amount.Also grass city takes like a month or more to ship it too you[/quote]It might "ship" out from the USA. But those tubes are imported garbage that was bulk ordered from china....Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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