Need help deciding the best bong for me.

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  1. I am wanting to purchase a new bong for myself once I graduate. However I simply cannot make up my mind. I am a huge fan of detailed coloring and customization. Yet I really love a smooth percolated rip. I have looked a lot at cheech's honeycomb and pereli percs.

    So my question is, what are some of the best brands that not only contain creativity but have extensive percolation and smooth technical design. I appreciate all and any help. If you have a certain piece please do tell. My price limit is no more than $500 but preferably under $300.
  2. For starters I'd suggest looking on the aquatic laboratory technologies site and seeing if you find anything you like there. :)
  3. If you want a crazy perc and nice colors then your looking at 500 not 300 .
  4. MGP can hook you with a worked stemline for under 300 depending on what you want.
  5. ewb- thanks for that website, i always forget about it.

    SsYyNn- I appreciate the specification, im definitely going to give it a look.

    Siickandnasty-I have done a good amount of searching, i realize the top top brands will run me much more than 300. I have seen plenty of good percs and colors under 500 even under 200.
  6. Well you can get some crazy color work for 300-500 or some crazy Percs or 300-500 but for 300-500 you an get some good color work and a good perc, not the best of both. Apix desigh seems to be the best choice, but that's a long wait, but I'm assuming your in high school and will be buying in June so put your order in now.

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