Need help deciding if male or female

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Trino, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. IMG_2178.JPG IMG_2179.JPG IMG_2180.JPG IMG_2181.JPG This is my first time ever posting so hopefully I do it right. I am growing 4 plants in total in my backyard in pots. 2 power nap strain and 1 mowi wowi and 1 random seed I found in my weed. They are about 8 weeks since they sprouted and the random seed has been showing signs of sex they look like little balls but I think they also have like little hairs so I am unsure. I will show pictures of the unknown weed. The third picture there was another ball but it seems like it fell off.
  2. If ur not in flower it won't show until u have switched to 12/12

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  3. Looks male to me
  4. False.

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  5. Not necessarily.... it varies per plant... I've personally never had a bagseed show it's sex before flip I had a nice sized monster my first grow I veg'd for over three months and it didn't show it's balls until flip. Fem seeds however I see preflowers at around 6 weeks...

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  6. Besides all of that anyhow you do obviously have preflowers... and they do appear heavy male at the very least... the single hairs sticking out of the clusters are odd but regardless all those male preflowers don't lie it's not worth it to keep it near the other girls.

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