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    Okay so i'm planning on getting a car very soon, probably in the next couple weeks actually. Anyways i have narrowed down a few cars that i think is a good deal but i could be wrong about that. I just want a good car that will run for awhile and can handle road-trips.

    Im kind of leaning towards the fusion since my buddy has with one with over 175,000 miles on it. Plus i see them EVERYWHERE which has to mean its a good car right? Then again the cobalt has such low miles and i feel like that would last me forever. I just dont know, what would you guys choose and dont be afraid to say none haha.

    2006 Mercury Mountaineer $ 7000 with 92,000 miles (not sure why the picture has 8500 though. The site said $7000 so maybe this is out of my budget)

    2008 Chevy Cobalt LS $7,400 with 65,000 miles

    2006 Ford Fusion SEL $6,999 with 95,000 miles
  2. I would go with the Ford fusion sent from the deepest and darkest part of my ass.
  3. Second the Fusion. without regard for the engine. it will be more relaible and better hold up over time than the Cobalt. the Mercury is just a leather upholstered Explorer, probably has that old 4 liter V6... inefficient. get the fusion. they look better than the other two and they look really good when done right...
  4. Ford fusion it is! question answered sir. sent from the deepest and darkest part of my ass.
  5. i would go fusion as well, the last pic for me would be the mountaineer. If you go fusion though get a manual, it will greatly improve your driving experience/involvement.
  6. Fusion Personally I'd get none of those, though I'm a 4x4 kind of guy.
  7. I think you need to revise your list.
    with 7000 you have soooooooooooooooo many choices why limit your self to this ideology;
    no not right...but in the fusions case its not a bad car.
    but trust me look into more cars ...
    not american...
  8. You could probably get a used mazda 6, those are pretty snazzy economical cars
  9. I love those cars actually, but my budget is 7k and the ones I see online usually have high miles usually over 130,000
  10. Any recommendations for me? I have a $7,500 budget but i honestly don't know too much about cars. How about a saturn? Haha jk
  11. I'd get a Toyota or Subaru
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    check out lexus is300/gs300
    mazda 3 or 6
    nissan maxima maybe?
    infiniti g35
    hyundai sonata or elantra new the better on those tho.
    vw jetta
    vw golf
    audi a4
    those are just simple every day cars..
    you wanna get crazy let me know 7500$ can go alongggggg way.
  13. you could get a boosted B18 swapped Civic... HA!!
    remember to choose a car that would have fairly low running costs. long term stuff. oil changes/general service., tires, wear and tear items. major service, fuel costs(Fusion runs on reg, any Lexus requires premium.) A4's are not everyday cars maybe everyday luxury car. Accords are everyday cars. i understand your wanting a car with low miles though. try not to get a car that was a fleet(Enterprise) vehicle.
  14. the problem with having a 7500 budget is you kinda have tooo many options for us to just suggest you something. you can get a used version of pretty much any car at that price ( obviosly age/mileage will vary deepending on what you choose). if a car is something that you use as an "appliance" then get something reliable with as few miles as possible aka newest possible civic/accord/corolla. if driving and cars are a passion of yours enlighten us as to what you really look for in a car and what "does it' for you.
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    very true...
  16. Of what you've posted The Chevy but opt for the SS version. American cars are overpriced and I won't own another one. Pontiac excluded...

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