Need help debugging my buds!

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    Hi there, first time plant grower.

    Strain: Vanilla Kush - Barney's version

    I started growing it outside in early June.
    As I said, its my first time and I dont know much about growing... but my plant was huge by the end of the summer. Like 4' tall and 3.5' in diameter.
    I brought it indoors in September (outdoor shed).
    I had it under a 250 watt grow light on a 12/12 schedule.
    I bought tigerbloom products and followed instructions.
    Buds started to form nicely, but slowly. I harvested the top few buds when the nodes were nice and milky - they taste amazing and leave a wonderful high... but that only makes up for 1/8 of an ounce or so.
    It is now January, and the plant is still with me.
    I brought it into the house (much to my wife's dismay) in December (it is too cold in the shed now)
    The temperature is steady 21-23 degrees Celsius
    Humidity is steady 50%
    250 watt grow light is on 12/12 schedule
    I trimmed the lower branches that were continuing vegetative growth.
    I staked up many other branches to be closer to the light

    The plant appears to be stressed.
    There are many many buds, the ones closer to the light are larger and the ones further from the light are smaller. None seem to be developing that well.
    It appears that the buds are now growing leaves out of them (see pictures)
    The light is a little close to the top buds, so you can see the light/heat burn on the top leaves - but the rest of the plant looks ok. Some leaves look sad, some are drying out.
    I water every 2-3 days as the soil starts to dry out. I dont let it dry out completely between waterings.
    I am continuing with Tigerbloom products at a slightly reduced schedule, I don't see any nutrient burn anywhere.

    Any suggestions/ideas how i can get this plant on the right track? Do you need any more information?


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  2. I might be wrong but it looks like it went back into veg.
  3. That's my guess. Depending on your strain, if you started it outdoors at the beginning of summer, it should have been ready for harvest no later than November-ish.

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