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need help cutting out the middle man.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nesdunkisfunk, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. "middle man" is my friends troy and austin.while those two are my good friends sometimes its a pain in the ass and just plain inconvienient to have to have them fetch my weed for me all the time.

    so i want them to introduce me to doug their dealer and make him our dealer.but the tricky part is my friendship with the boys was sort of built around this in the begining so it may be akward telling them straight up.

    so any delicate way to do it?
  2. as long as your werent chilling with them all this time just to get their connects info,

    i dont see anything wrong with you having his number too.

    in fact it might be helpful since you can all help each other out,

    for example my friends and i will call each other to smoke, and if we wanna put in the other person will spot ya and grab the bag and i give em my part of it when they arrive
  3. Doug The Drug Dealer
    just say you don't front money anymore
    its not a trust issue, you just don't feel comfortable doing it anymore
    (someone could get jacked or beat up)
    go with them to meat Drug Dealer Doug,
    make nice with him
    ask him if its cool if you hit him up for some dank next time your looking

    you have successfully cut out the middle-man...
  4. if my friend told me he was uncomfortable fronting money to me i would think he was being disrespectful.

    but i have no idea how to help you there man
    maybe just explain to them everything you said in the post
    i wouldnt be pissed in anyway if you said all that to my face bro

    but my friends are chill so idk
  5. I never front money to anyone,
    not even my own brother,
    the only person I feel comfortable with my money is me
    my friends respect that decision...
  6. thats cool with me to, but once you front me money and say you dont want to anymore, and i didnt do anything, id feel pretty shitty
  7. Thank you for calling Doug's Drugs,

    How can I help you, today?

  8. Dude, I need a dime of Dro. Do ya dig?

    *edit, that's in character. I'm not actually asking for anything*
  9. Umm... duh. I think you're a little banstick shy. Lol.
  10. Maybe I am, but I've seen people get banned for joking about it before. ;)
  11. all right then,i will meet you in the park in 20 minutes,thank you for your patronage.
  12. check out the marijuana growing section :) you can cut out everyone..just a reminder:wave:
  13. tell your friends you want to meet doug and get weed from him incase you cant get a hold of them or something like that
  14. just think of it like you're being disrespected they don't respect u enough 2 bring you 2 the dealer?

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