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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dexes, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Currently I'm still in high school so I'm still living with the parents so dont really have money to invest in otherwise. I work once or twice a week in the family business on weekends. My problem is I have so much free time because im taking online classes so all I do is smoke a lot of weed. I workout to try to keep myself busy.. but i just get so bored. ALL my friends smoke, its practically unheard of if you don't. ( All you people in south florida no how much weed there is). Im trying to save up money, i just find it impossible. Anybody else like me?:smoke:
  2. I would suggest setting a limit for each week. Like a quarter a week or something like that. also you could get a vape
  3. I used to be. All i did was have 4 buddies that i would toke with pretty much daily and we could all pitch 10-15 bucks and that would last us for like 3-4 days.

    Cutting back is easy as fuck man, but if you don't actually WANT too, don't even bother trying because it won't work. You have to WANT to make a change and embodie that change or else it's just not going to happen.

    I do alot of martial arts and shit too, so you can't tell me that you can't just workout all the time. I workout 4 hours a day easy and although it can get grueling sometimes, you see results quick, save money and look fucking good.

    Just work on a different body part. each day. The key is to replace the weed smoking with something else.

    And also, if your friends are like my old friends and all you do when your together is smoke weed non-stop, that's not a great idea either. Me and my buddies just smoke about 2 bowls and go out and do shit, like frisbee or walks or whatever.
  4. That's the problem I really need to WANT to not just be like "oh ill only smoke 2gs this week and end up copping a quarter or somehting. I'm looking to get into martial arts, I'm going to start training at american top team most likely

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