need help confirming "she's a male" =( ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ragingchild, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, First indoo run,

    Kind of surprised it turned out this way to be honest, my Himalaya Blue Diesel was supposed to be a autoflowering female seed.

    Just want to confirm to what appears to be a male; any advice is greatly appreciated. I have not had a male so far(only have dealt with female seeds as of yet, so I am not 100% sure, although there are telltale signs and my other auto which showed pistils many days ago and was germed at the same time as this one is doing fine).

    Let me know guys

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  2. thats brutal man cause to me it looks like a male
  3. hah yeah man, I've cared for it for a month or so, and out of all I have it's the biggest one. Today is when I started seeing the ball-and stick motif more clearly.

    Ballz of STEEL, or more like balls of green in my case >.<

    Oh well, I got Onyx, Super Cali Haze and a tiny aphodite left, more space for them!

    Thanks for your input, anyone else want to chime in to confirm the chop?
  4. It happens. A real feminized seed CANNOT be male so something happened somewhere. I've bought autoflowering seeds that lived all summer without one flower.
  5. I`ve read a few posts where the growers had to force their autos into flowering by changing the light cycle.
  6. ehhh i wouldn't rule it out JUST yet, I've seen pics of people's plants that looked like yours, then pistils came out of those balls, so give it a little more time till you see a definite male
  7. You have a point, I just checked the Sexing sticky in this forum section that stated that usually clusters rule it out completely, but so far there have only been single balls and it looks like it could go either way.
  8. Yeah gotta wait just a min, sometimes they look like a male for a pair of leaves then its all lady. Look at the top of the plant to notice the quickest. Take a pic from above the top of it.

  9. how can you tell just by leaves? thought you can't? and what does taking a picture at the top of the plant tell that if it's a female or male?

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