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    Ok so i kinda need to vent a little so sorry, anyway theres this girl im in love with, we used to talk allll the time and shes the hottest girl i've ever met in my life, a perfect 10. Anyway so as of a couple moths ago we kinda just stopped talking. We still talk a little here and there but shes too busy getting with other guys and living her own life. Im a feshman in college and shes a senior in high school. Anyway just recently i hung out with her this weekend and it wasnt the same as when we used to hangout, this time she was just flirting with these other guys at a party right in front of me. It hurts so much because of how crazy i am for her. Anyway its a sunday night and i have to write this huge essay for english and i just cant concentrate on it cause i just keep thinking about her and wondering what shes doing right now and what i did to F up what we had, ughh idk i just need to get this essay done but i cant. And smokings not an option right now:( Could i still write a pretty good essay drunk? lol

    edit: and im in community college so its not like i can just go out and meet other chicks
  2. tl;dr

    I need to get myself in a happier mood without smoking so i can write an essay
  3. Watch some good porn.
  4. Sounds like you didn't make a move on her quick enough. Learn from the mistake and move on. There's more women out there.
  5. Dance around to your favorite music for about 20 minutes with as much fun and frolic as possible. Sing along with you favorite music if you don't like dancing, just have hella, straight up fun for 20 minutes.

    Then sit down, play soft classical music without vocals, and start writing. Write an outline for the essay first and then start filling in the parts you need to complete. Don't stop for anything other than to piss, and be determined to finish. You should be done in 3 hours or less. Good Luck!

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