Need Help Completing Homemade Glass Bong!!

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  1. Heyy!
    So I'm making this glass bong for my bf's birthday, and it's coming along great. I have the hole all cut and the bowl/stem piece for it, but gravity makes it so that sexy upward tilt to the bowl it's supposed to have just doesn't happen. I don't care whether it's a pull carb or a downstem, I just want an option that lasts and looks nice. My ideas are using some polymer clay just to hold the bowl/stem piece upright or make a clay downstem. I know it's bad to burn/heat polymer clay, but I don't see how either option would include that since the bowl is well out of the way of anything the little o-ring would touch. 14642296683781003693945.jpg 1464229717885-42083159.jpg Thoughts? I'm open to suggestions c:
    Peace and love
  2. You could mold a case for the slide out of alluminum foil with a few layers for thickness and glue it upright
  3. Rubber grommet. Also watch soundrone on youtube he has many videos on how to make bongs they are very detailed and awesome
  4. Get a sliding downstem where a bowl would slide into it. Then, you could take the downstem could fit how you want and be held in place with epoxy or hot glue. I recommend hot glue and when you get it how you like it, use epoxy for something more permanent.

    You could also look at glass joints for dab rigs and bongs. Perhaps a good ash catcher could fit or compliment what you have there? You might end up siting it and using it in a way you hadn't planned on because of where the hole is located. It should have been farther up the bottle or what ever that is.

    Using clay or sculpty to create something to sit it in so one knows the proper angle to hold it in. So when you are done, you set it in its cradle and there it sits looking amazing. It also tells you how to hold and use it right?

    Looks cool for what it is! Go you!!!

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