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  1. Hello friends well first of I am a first time grower I have 1Foot tall plants that are getting hairs on them akready like flowees but I also have a three foot plant that is not flowering what is going on here its spring where I live the plants have only been alive for a bout a mont I had them indoor 24_7 light please need any information I really dont want them to flower. 1460317839983.jpg 1460317745317.jpg 1460317831150.jpg 1460317781334.jpg

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  2. Two reasons your plants are flowering.. First off coming from 24-0 they will always flower at the slightest bit of dark..
    Second your to early to set plants out even if they were time matched and yours are not.. 16-8 or 17-7 veg for plants you plan on setting out and set out June 1st to be safe..
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    Drop in here for more advice on early starts and off season grows..

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