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  1. I have 3 plants that are 24 days old under a 400 Watt MH lamp but they are not growing well. The leaves are droopy and growth is slow. My friend has 1 plant which I started for him at the same time and his plant is double the size of any of mine and his is only a 150 Watt cfl. Any suggestions/ideas is appreciated
  2. Your friend has a secret ....That he's not sharing with you
  3. do you have fans? Soil,nutrients,experience, and many other factors determine how it grows
  4. This is my second grow and the first time I had no issues. They have only received nutes once with a half dose. Ventilation is great and there are fans. Here are some pics that may help.

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  5. This is my friends plant

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  6. Wow dude your friends plant looks great! Good luck with your plants. You can rule out everything as far as soil, pots and nutrients are concerned. It must be an environmental issue. Either that or your friend happened to get a magic bean!!
  7. Let the soil dry out, your plant will jump up (mostly). I'd say give it a week without adding water, but that's me.
  8. Looks like over/under watering to me. Whenever my leaves droop, it has always been that.
  9. The pots did dry out but I gave them a good watering yesterday. I thought perhaps the plants would start to respond more positively
  10. Your friends plant looks so good it looks fake... But it seriously looks great. Do you give your plants fresh air?
  11. i have solved the problem. It ended up being lack of humidity.
  12. Yeah? Was your Humidity 0%?
  13. my thermometer tells the temp as well as the humidity. when its less than 10% it just reports low as the humidity reading. my house didn't have a humidifier so I installed one and now my house is at about 30%humidity and the plants have all perked up and looking great!
  14. Well aint that something... Dem tricky ol plants...
  15. Good job, nice fix
  16. The yellowing is possibly from over watering..but you said yr pots were maybe your schedule is off ...I hope ya get things lined out. gl in yr grow..

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