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  1. hey i have never cloned in my life lol..i have seen it done a couple times....i am cloneing off a mother plant ...what is the easyest way to clone lol..step by step ..i am not dumb but i just dont know really how ..thanks

    help would be great!:hello:
  2. I tryed 5 different methods and failed till I used the one I found here at grasscity, you take and dip a Q-tip into the clone gel and then wrap the cotton from the Qtip around the stem to hold more clone gel on the plant. I did that and with the right warmth, light and covered for moisture it worked great for me. failed times I ran into cold water issues, so I bought a heat mat, ran into water issues too much(algae), then too dry so I made a bubble cloner 12 clones, still had issues, so I made a second one that only holds 4 clones that one worked better it was smaller and the moist air stayed in better, with the combo of the cotton wrapped it worked great.

    I would say watch you tube cloning videos, research on the net, get a few ways to do it, and then try it, see what happens. Thats what I did, it took much trial and error but I have it down now after 25 clones dead, but I know what to do now. Practice makes GOOD WEED.

    if i can find that post for cloning Ill post it for you, but for some reason even my bookmark isnt loading the page, hope they didnt remove it?
  3. I made a clone bucket from Rumple's direction, it has nine holes. I use 1/4 strength of Lucas formula, I have not lost a single leaf. I do not use any king of cloneing crap like clonex. My friends uses it and he has dead leaves and not a good ratio on living. I showed him how I do it and he has not lost one leaf since.

    1. find a good top or a good branch on bottom.
    2. cut at 45 degrees
    3. clean up small little branches
    4. scrape off a layer at bottom of cut
    5. split up the middle of stem about 3/16, I am mixed on this sometime I just scrape the bottom and still get great results.
    6. Some guys cut the leaves in half, I dont.

    Good luck
  4. thanks guys i am going to try that ...i have a heating matt but i dont know how to use it really ...i put it on the bottom of the tray with the clones on the top right lol.....
  5. You will have best results if you dont over complicate it.

    Dont use a heating mat unless you have a thermostat.

    If you want results, build yourself an aerocloner.

    get a bin, any bin. drill 1 7/8" holes, take 2" net cups and cut off the bottom. put a collar in it, put your cutting in the collar.

    In the bottom of the bin get a 6 dollar submersible pump, a piece of 1/2" tubing from the home depot and a couple of spray nozzles.

    Drill 1/16" holes for the nozzles, screw them in, attach to the pump.

    Go ahead and bubble the water like its DWC.

    When you cut your clones, you dont have to worry about angles or sterile razors or anything like that. just cut a couple of extra inches when you take it off the mother.

    Then just before you put it in the collar cut the extra off in under water. That will keep it from getting an embolism. Even if you do get an embolism it will still clone.

    Use about 3% nutrients just for fun, and some root hormone like humboldt if you have the means.

    This WILL work. I tried the heating mats, and the angles, and the sterile razors, and the humidity domes, and all the root gels and all of that, and had some success.

    Making my own aerocloner I am 100%.

    If you dont want to do any of that work. Google "daisy cloner" they are like 70 bucks, you can buy one of those, or at least look at it and copy it. (thats what I did).

  6. Well you may not choose to use it, but clonex is far from crap. Just because your friend did not know what he was doing does not degrade the product. If you know what you are doing, clonex is an excellent product with excellent results. Gotta love the bashers that have "friends" that prove something is crap.
  7. I am not bashing nothing, just tired of all the sells people telling everyone you MUST do this and this or it will never work. Hell in the books they tell you, you MUST do this. CRAP. The books are great info but after you grow for awhile you should try different things to see if you can cut the cost down. Myself I really dont give a shit what you use, just get all the info you can so you will understand it better. I go to the Hydro stores and watch all the people walking with the sells person buying this and buying that spending $1000 of dollars. I want to go outside and wait for the person and really tell them half the crap they bought is not worth it. Hell one sells told a lady a plant will grow better in a round bucket than a square bucket. LOL
    What it comes down to it just grow with what works if clonex works for you then use it. Myself I dont got tired of losing leaves.
  8. What do you think of using bubble, rather than aero?
  9. id listen to everybody on here talkin about aerocloners.bubblers to..they work,,just add water,,some use a tiny bit nutes but it works with just water as well... i put a little root stimulattor like rhizotonic or something in the water just a tiny bit...its simple..just snip,plant and watch it go... heres a link to the good ole Rump cloner DIY
  10. Never used one. I have a buddy who made one, I need to check with him and see how they turned out. I have a test clone, a huge one, that I stuck in my mid veg DWC, but it has pretty strong nutes so I dont expect much result.

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