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  1. Hey I have 2 Diesel (1 died, 3 more germinating to replace) and I have them under 2 CFLs. I want to upgrade my lights. Should I get the 250 MH and HPS light or the 150. I have 4 plants. THanks
  2. Im refering to wattage with the 250 and 150
  3. i would go with a 400w cool tube if cash permits.

    But if i had to choose between to above choices, i would definitely go for a 250w HPS as my first light kit..u can use it throughout your grow no probs..
  4. How big do you plan on growing them and finishing out at?
  5. Im looking for under 2Ft with a min. total yield of 1 oz. per plant assuming all 4 live till the end.
  6. id go with a 400w from HTGsupply

    cant really beat the prices
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    What exactly is your $$$$ maximum you want to spend? I got a great deal on this set in 600 W on ebay for $184 w/free shipping. It is about $20 less on Amazon, but has high shipping cost.

    iPower GLSETX600DHMWING20 600-Watt Light Digital Dimmable System for Plants
    by iPower
    On ebay you pick the wattage and bulb(s) and the ballast is dimmable to 75-50-25% and I got both the HPS and MH bulb for the $184 price. Read the reviews on Amazon though. That's what sold me. See links below

  8. 200 max, include shipping in the 200

  9. We also have to remember that I have 14 Inches from Pot to Top of box
  10. What are the neasurements of your grow box, hieght, width and depth? Knowing as much as possible with what you have to work with will help determine how big you can grow them what lights would be best. Have you also budgeted in other material such as nutes. basic digital PH tester with calibration solution and some PH Up & Down solutions and pots & soil? Oh your also gonna need air curculation and fan to pull cooler air in and push hotter air out.
  11. I'd get the 400W then and dim it to 50%. That way as your space grows later, maybe, you will have what may very well be adequate lighting. Just saying. Did you read the Amazon reviews on the iPower lights?
  12. From front to back I have 2Ft
    Left to Right I have 2Ft 4"
    Top of the Pot to Top I have 1Ft 5"

    behind the cardboard is a fan and a intake vent. refer to my journal for pics

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  13. 400W 250W 150W Dimmable Digital Ballast + HPS+ MH + Cool Tube Grow Light Kit NEW | eBay I just found that. Its dimmable. But the Cost is a bit more than I am willing to pay. because its 60$ shipping

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