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    So i've been checking bongs and such mainly blaze (tryin to be from 100-200 range and i found a few )
    Blaze Glass - Black Dominion Ice Bong - Two 8-arm Percs - Gold - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -

    Search results for: 'blaze glass goldold-fumed.html' -
    but after days of constant searching...a lot of people have said A.blaze is not a great glass for that money and B. percs/diffusers don't get you any higher or make enough of a difference to justify not buying a well made straight piece with an ice catcher ..appreciated opinions from people who have tried both.if you like your piece but haven't tried the others let me know also .thanks
  2. Well since you're in the U.S. I'm pretty sure the shipping would take awhile. So I think you should look at SSFG's Gridded Stemline Hybrid. It's like $135 and is pretty nice looking.

  3. I don't mind shipping as long as it's worth the money honestly i just want something that's going to kick my ass and my friend's
  4. Yea I had a ssfg hybrid. Very sexy piece hits nice and also is small and compact. Plus scientific glass for barely over $100 can't beat that.

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