Need help choosing what to upgrade!

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  1. Hello,

    I am moving shop soon. When I do I have about $1400 (Canadian) I would like to put into upgrades.

    So I ask you what the most efficient use of my money/space for my upgrades.

    Equipment Owned:

    1x Easy Clone 30 site
    1x 96w (24wx4) t5 light

    1x 4x4' Sun hut Silver tent
    1x 4x4' Flood table & Reservoir
    1x 250w Lumatek Digital ballast & 250w MH bulb

    1x 18 site Multiflow bucket system from Greentrees
    2x 600w Lumatek digital ballasts @ HPS bulbs

    1x Can 50 – 38 special Carbon filter
    1x Can 33 – 38 special Carbon filter
    1x 6” vortex fan 172 CFM
    1x 4” vortex fan 449 CFM

    1 room 10x17' (with on 17' wall being an exterior wall) in a basement

    Here is the idea I am toying around with. Odor and light leaks are a concern at the new place. So I was thinking of getting the 112”x57” Sun hut silver ($650), a new bulb/ballast/air cool reflector($400-475), Some new genetics from serious seeds (ak-47, $150) and some more basic supplies like some more hydroton, which I need ($50-125). Appox $1400.

    If I Did this, I would be running with 3 weeks clone time, 4 weeks in the veg tent , 8 week flower. Obviously overlapping the crops so that the min 1st crop is done, 2nd is ready to go into flower tent. This leaves me with 6.5 harvests per year. The variable I have not decided on for the above plan is the light. I do not know whether to go with another 600w Digital ($475) or the 1000w Magnetic ($400). This is also why the basic supply funds fluctuate $75.

    I would really appreciate any input. Constructive criticism is good too. Sometimes I get wrapped up in my own ideas and overlook things.

    Please note that all prices I have mentioned here include any taxes and shipping costs and are in Canadian dollars. Preferred hydro shops are: and I use progressive growth for most stuff and Bustan for a items that are too large or uneconomical to have shipped as it is fairly local, about an hour drive each way.

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