Need help choosing next high quality piece (sov,toro,etc)

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  1. Hey Guys,
    I'm looking into investing in some new glass. Recently picked up a Medicali in a hasty headshop visit and regretted my purchase, so I sold that, and I'm looking to upgrade a little bit.
    Looking into pieces of similar quality to Toro, Mothership, Pyrology, Sovereignty, and the like. If you could give me some suggestions that would be great! here are some specifications:
    1. 10 inches or less. (12 is pushing it)
    2. I usually smoke 1/2 flowers 1/2 concentrates
    3. Less than $600, Prefer 300-500 range
    Also on a sidenote, I looked into the "Mini Peyote to Pillar" sidecar piece on AQLT and found it interesting, but could not find a function video anywhere. Has anyone seen one of these or have some more pictures/videos? looks like a nice cross-over piece for flowers/oil.
    Thanks guys!!

  2. get a Mobi, stereo 60t... fits the price range and is a monster
  3. Second vote for a möbius. Although I'd go for a matrix bubbler instead of the 60t personally.

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  4. Ditto on the the mobius stereo matrix. It's a very airy though not sure if it would take to much flavor out of concentrate though. But for flowers it's awesome.
  5. That mini Peyote Pillar seems like an awesome choice. 
  6. Not super in love with the mobius tubes. Something about them just seems very meh. I'm looking for something with really nice function similar to the toro I already own. I want something of comparable quality, not a downgrade per say.
  7. Well look into the toro macros. But those tubes depending on what kind of perc can range from 500 to 700
  8. Seriously? No one has said Sovereignty.... Get a Sovereignty G-line up tube. Most amazing piece I have ever seen/smoked out of. Just search that shit up. Sov for life  :metal:
  9. it's not the best to mix flower and concentrate rig but w/e pleases you. I see people suggesting mobius and although it is an awesome piece for flowers it's not the best for concentrates. And how much is that mini PP going for? does the price stand at the same as the original sized pp? Are you open to any bubblers or you've decided on a bong?
  10. I second ^. 9/10 of all Sov pieces will do you good in comparison to any other tubes.
  11. The mini pillar runs at about $600
    I'm also looking at Toro Mini's. I like the Sovereignty Mini Stemline to Imperial perc a lot. Anyone have experience with this piece?
  12. hate to burst your bubble but mobius is higher quality made then toro
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    my mobius stereo matrix hits better than any toro out there bruh. You will absolutely fall in love with mobius... I promise you bro. Your talking about seeking for maximum functionality, but dude, just go with mobius. The glass is so quality, I believe it's tempered glass. I dropped my stereo matrix from a cabinet down onto my laundry washer, which is about 3 feet, and then it fell off that onto my tile ground another 4 feet below, and then it bounced off the tile and hit the tile again. It went 100% unaffected. If I were to do that with my toro ISF XL Macro, it would turn into shards.

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    damn mini pp is only $600? I'd say go with anything from SG, and this is coming from someone who owned both mobius and sg. Never tried toro, never had the itch.
    Although I never had any experience with the mini's, I have seen them at my LHS. Not sure if you seen them in real life but they are pretty darn small. Not a bad thing, just saying.
  15. Agreed. Smoothest bong I ever smoked was a Sovereignty with a pillar and a peyote perc among other things. I really like Möbius as well. They have very clean, minimalist designs that function extremely well. A buddy of mine had a nice fat Möbius wubbler with an insane halo perc that smoked like a dream. You really won't be let down with either brand. You're also in the price range of a Hamm or illadelph, which I also would definitely consider too.
  16. Mobius and other highly diffusing pieces like a stereo matrix, seems like folks either like or hate them.  I'm not a huge fan of frit percs or very very diffusive pieces, I find it lacks taste.  At any rate, it's definately not tempered glass, it's boro.  Tempered glass is stuff that when it breaks, it won't cut you cause it turns into little pebbles of glass and not shards.  I don't think you can make  a bong with tempered glass.  Tempering causes stress as the outer surface is compressed, the inner layer is under tension so it breaks the way it does.  A bong has curves, seals, bends, compression and putting that much tension on the inner layers would probably cause it to crack.  Our smoking implements are made of boro that's been annealed, the annealing process releases the tension in the glass from working it.
  17. You're right, I never really bothered googling it. I heard of the term being used for straight tubes and some beakers. I googled it and found a remixed version of what you said haha.

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