Need help choosing between these bubblers

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  1. Between these bubblers which one would you get. Which diffuser stacks best X cut (grav labs) or slitted (medicali)?

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  2. Grav labs is the tits, all my favorite pieces have been made by them.
  3. Grav labs

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  4. Grav labs it is. Thank you kind sirs

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  5. Have you seen the slightly larger bubbler from GravLabs with the showerhead stem? It hits incredibly smooth and is only like $10 more.

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    medcali is a farrrrrr superior product. not even comparable. every grav labs peice ive had was thinner then it should have been. buy the medicali f you want to keep it for a while. 
    edit: if you already bought the grav labs peice. you fucked up. 
  7. I own that Grav labs bubbler. Best bubbler I've ever owned. It was my main go to piece for the longest time. I'd pick that one.

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