need help choosing a strain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by pbnavajo1, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. looking for a "fucked up whats going on high" and decent yield anyone have a suggestion??
  2. If You wanna Get Head Fucked Up Whats Going On Go Chug a bottle of antifreeze and down some catnip you will be lost forever!!:wave: Sativa is Social, Indica is Chill-Out, neither one makes you lose self-control like the establishment drugs. Aspartame is E.coli Bacteria fecal matter and Excito toxins destroy brain tissue and mitochondria in DNA. The Food Wars are begginning Better Scure Good Genetics on at least Your Marijuana. Peace, Good Luck With The Dictators at the UN running things.
  3. Northern Lights easy to grow, doesn't smell, gets you fucked.
  4. ^You can't go wrong with Northern Lights. It's a perfect indoor strain for beginners, being that it doesn't take much to cover the scent and it's extremely potent. It's always some super dank, one of my personal favs.:smoke:

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