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Need help choosing a strain.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by dragonsblade80, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Hi, I live in a place where weed is a gateway drug, causes cancer, and supports terrorism, so I can't get a card or get a real doctor's advice. :( I've decided to grow my own medicine, but I'd like advice in choosing a strain.

    My main motivation for weed is pain relief, secondary motivation for non-cluster migraines. I've been diagnosed with HME/MHE/MO/ME, and all i know is sometimes I get weed that helps my pain in various ways, although I've never encountered schwag (probably a mexican sativa) that helps.

    Should I try to smoke Indica? Are there specific methods for growing or harvesting that impacts a plant's medicinal qualities? Could you guys recommend strains? Does anybody else have HME/MHE/MO/ME?
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  3. trainwreck is awesome for my neuropathic pain. It's a sativa so it makes me awake and focused and I can still function.

    Also try pineapple. Really awesome!
  4. For heavy duty painkilling I usually suggest pure indicas, such as Afghani. The heavier the indica, the better the pain killing - of course the chances for couchlock are much greater too.
  5. If your looking for pain relief i suggest indica dominant strains.

    Look for a strain called Romulan. One of the best medicines i've had the pleasure of trying.
    Also, I find kush strains work well for migraines.
  6. Thanks for the help. I had some trainwreck once and I don't even remember that week, so i have no clue if it helped my pain or not :smoking:

    Where would I find some romulan seeds?
  7. most likely from a Canadian seed bank (its a Canadian strain)

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