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  1. Okay so I have a 5x5x7 tent with a 1000watt light and I was looking for a strain the yields high but is also powerful and tasty. I was looking into either THC bomb or Cluster bomb I'm looking to supply my own smoke while making a little extra on the side. What do you guys think of these strains? What about alternatives? Any input would be great; there's so many strains out there to choose from it's mind boggling.
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  3. You can't go wrong with the THC Bomb. I've got two going now but I'm producing seed from both to have additional seed for this spring outdoors. I started flowering these babies about three week ago, doing a fast track for the fasted seed possible. Started flowering them when they had only three and four sets of leaves. Already breed THC Bomb, crossed it also with Berry Bomb. Crossed White Widow with Berry Bomb too. Breed White Widow for additional seed also.
  4. BTW: I've got some Buzz Bomb I'm going to grow out and breed, these are mostly Sativa, you might like that strain also but the flowering takes a bit longer. Got some Ctitical Mass on the way I'm looking forward to growing and breeding.
  5. Wonder Woman. FAT YIELDS, Plant grows handle friendly.
  6. LA women as well good yields and NL is turning out great for me right now

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  7. Nl and super silver haze are always great beginner strains along with being tasty and potent. Og is my fave but I hate the almost 10 week flowering period. I have some fire og moms in my nursery but havent flowered amy yet ....... Whats your fave 5-10 bud then go thru that list and find what suits you(height yeild and flowering time) youll know what YOU want to grow. Lol I just gave you more choices instead of narrowing the search. But hey its NOT a small decision but at the same time its not a big deal. I mean if they are reputable seeds youll get great pit. But ueild usualy come down to skill minus 25% strain dependance. Hope that helps

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