Need help choosing a rooting powder with limited options

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    Hey all, I need help picking out a rooting powder/gel. I want to make clones of my plants before they go into flowering, which is this Sunday.
    I am cloning in soil.

    I need it shipped to me quickly so I have a limited # of online options.

    Would this product work for me? [ame=""]Green light organic[/ame]

    What numbers should I be looking at when it comes to finding the right rooting powder (or gel?) What is the correct IBA?

    Edit: Sorry if its a dumb question, I'm terrible at searching
  2. Clone ex is what I used before I made a cloner. Always worked great
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    i was using gel cloning stuff but found that kelp works in ether powder or the best liquid extract is cheap and works and some cloning stuff is kelp. its grate and it can be used for spray or I'm told as the only used nutes during a grow. point being it works and it cheap eBay or Google shop i was told the best is made with Ascophyllum nodosom its black. hope this helps helped me
  4. Powder is the best way to go imo, there's a good cloning hormone powder from home depot for around $7
  5. I got a powder from Walmart and have had 100% success with it with 20 attempts. It's probably not the best but you can get it easily with your time situation.
  6. Please re-read Picks again, ain't that so true. Go make a cloner, even for your self esteems fun

  7. Make your own!

    Find a willow tree. Cut a few small branches. Take the branches and cut into 1 inch chunks. Place the chunks in a jar of water. Let sit overnight. Remove the chunks and put your clones in it!

    Willow is chock full of natural rooting hormones. When you injure a willow, rooting hormones flood the area to make new roots. Using "willow water" to root cuttings has a centuries long history! And it is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying it!

  8. Aghh!!! the art of Black Magic..or White ....whatever blows ya dress
    Scrape the bark of a young willow tree, and boil in hot water for 5 minutes to make a taste like sh!t...but good for removing head aches and general 'pain'

    Thanks 'Storm' once the head aches gone I can now root my clones...ta!

  9. Your assessment of the taste of willow bark tea is pretty accurate! lol Not one of my favorites!

    (Vaping cannabis works WAY faster for head aches, anyway!)

  10. I use Willow water and get roots in 7 days, I've used gel, powder, and nothing at all. It works great. I feed it to my plants thru out vegging for killer root structure.
  11. Awesome thank you guys. cloning, headaches and possibly better root structure? thats w-w-willowawesome
  12. yep auxins!

    so essentially it effects cellular expansion and division but there are some issues with using it

    it has 3 main effects and they are axial elongation, lateral expansion, and isodiametric expansion - so it either makes it grow branches, or roots, or just get fatter/thicker - but this is all regulated by the auxin maxima and minima and unless you are a chemest and have a nice lab to work in you arent going to do it correctly - it is these and there interactions that determine the development of the growth of the plant, so you can have differing results using this and since there are like 400 some species of willow trees its something that will take some testing to get the right one

    and because of the uneven distribution of auxin when it has to travel long distances in the phloem can cause relocation of the auxin and you get uneven growth because it gets moved by the fluid in the phloem and doesent have time to settle in a place - because of this its not recommended to use auxins after rooting has occurred and it must be carefully regulated or you get strange organ growth if you dont reach the auxin maxima properly

    all that means that yea willow trees work, but there are many disadvantages to using it unless you are doing plant tissue culture and you stop when it starts rooting, oh yea and also you control the auxin precisely which cant be done without a laboratory to test samples from the phloem several times a day with a syringe and a mass-spec

    so stick with normal methods unless you have no other choice in the matter, but cutting up branches and making a tea will work there are just easier methods to use - hell I know someone who doesent use anything at all to make them root - he just puts them into his ex-cloner and puts 6.0 ro water in it and in a week there are roots, nothing else

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