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Need help, check out this wax!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jeanpaulkaylor, May 28, 2019.


Is this normal?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. So my dealer is telling me he has this guava kush sugar and im a begginer with wax crumble stuff like that just wanting to know if some suppose to look like this because I've bought some wax before it it wax kinda yellowish like normal color but now it's kinda orange/reddish

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  2. Hard to tell with BHO since it can change with so much based on the purge. Personally I've found more bad BHO producers than good ones in America. Does it crack, pop or spark when you light it?
  3. If I were n a illegal state I’d grow my own or stick to flower all the wax and cartridges just can’t be trusted anymore
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  4. It looks like you have a decent size pile of it, id melt some down. Use a double boiler, melt down about a chunk about the size a nickle and see what happens. If it bubbles/pops, bad. If it melts unevenly, bad. If it smell like peanut butter, bad.
  5. You already bought it, dab is expensive.. Smoke it.
  6. He prob already smoked it but that shit looks funkyyy

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