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need HELP , can't get high anymore

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by oriav, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. so I've been smoking for like 3 years daily, and in the last 6 months, when i smoke i feel nothing from the weed, i tried to take t-break for a 30 days but it worked for 1 day and after i back to where i felt nothing from weed, like i start again t-break in 1/2/20 and i want to make it now 2 months , you think it will make the difference? i want feel the power of the bud . help
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  2. I’m the same bro I just upgraded to dabbing more often and try using a detox drink to help cleanse and the long your away it should help

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  3. damn
    mad world. sad situation
  4. Really is I find some very strong dabs get me high but no where near that I want to be high

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  5. hope it will work. sadly hard to find dabs in my country
  6. Where you from ? You can try edibles or making your iwn

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  7. Ya need some better weed.
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  8. 2 months break won't do nothing?
  9. 2 months break will do WONDERS...................
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  10. There is a difference between 1 month or 2? i read that it take 30 days for the thc clean of the body.
  11. Sorry to hear about your problem my friend.

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  12. Sounds like your smoking shit weed everytime I smoke I get high :laughing: it's been the same for the last 10+ years for me:confused_2:
  13. 50+ years for me.
  14. For me tolerance reset occurs after just 3-4 days, or at least the major portion of reset. Drinking lots of water helps. But I haven't needed any t-breaks in years, since I learned that less is more for cannabis. Especially smokers should review the way they ingest it, e.g. many people sit there and smoke until they actually feel stoned, which means they're taking several times as much THC as they need to. Understand that cannabis, just like alcohol or any other drug, has a sweet spot beyond which there is not more but exponentially less pleasure. What I'm saying is, buy as good quality flower that you can afford and smoke it in incredibly small amounts. One tiny bong hit or two at most. And WAIT 20 minutes before smoking any more. Once you learn how to not ingest too much, tolerance issues simply go by the wayside. Mostly. Mixing multiple cannabis strains also helps a lot to keep the tolerance monster guessing.
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  15. yea, maybe i got bad weed
    thanks for the response . so what you're saying is that i dont need t-break? but better quality of weed?
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  16. Yes, and maybe a better mix of strains imo.
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  17. I'd say just smoke better weed dude no need for a t break unless your tolerance is stupid high:laughing:

    Sometimes switching strains does help because you get used to it:confused_2:
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