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Need help!-Can a .5 G firecracker really make you puke?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by KKoosh, May 22, 2010.

  1. I gave firecrackers to a number of people. Each one followed Kramer's tutorial, and to be safe, I packed them all with .5's of some low grade mids. My friend texted me in the middle of the night saying that someone got super stoned off of one and threw up. I don't know all the details yet, but assuming she ate only one, is that even possible? I baked them earlier yesterday, so they haven't sat and become more potent. I don't see how .5 can make someone throw up.
  2. Anything can make someone throw up if they become anxious or upset.
  3. I don't have the details-but she was likely drunk already at the time. Is that another factor? I want to eat my firecracker but not repeat her experience if possible.
  4. Your friend that threw they smoke often? If not they simply could have greened out.
  5. I finally got the full story.
    These two friends of mine split a firecracker, (that's right, they each had .25, not even .5). One came close to what is basically overdosing on weed, where you feel sick and you're basically incapacitated, the other one threw up. They smoke, maybe every other week, but it might just be that they were pussies about it. Frankly, I used low grade mids, I don't see how .25 messes up a person that bad on its own.
  6. My friend got dizzy and kind of fell down/blacked out for a second from .75 of crazy nugs in a cracker but .25 of low end... I'd say the ass nasty taste of firecrackers probably upset their stomach and since you said they were drinking that was likely the factor that caused them to throw up. Not the minute amount of THC in .25 of schwag.
  7. pretty common knowledge if you drink and then have dak in any form you will get the spins which is when you get really dizzy and everythings spinning and you puke
  8. youre friend didnt overdose on .25g of weed, they just had a shity comedown. it happens to the best of us
  9. what is a firecracker? a brownie?
  10. It is peanut butter with weed in it that is smushed between two crackers. Eaither cooked or let sit out for a while.
  11. They are either allergic...or just a super-light weight...
  12. I ate 3 grams in a pb&j sandwich... and I didn't throw up until I woke up the next morning still high as fuck and tried to eat a raw pizza pocket....

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