Need help buying a bong

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  1. So i'm gonna be buying a bong on the 16th (my b-day) at a local smoke shop. i have no idea what to expect. does anyone have a pic and price of an average bong and then a slightly more expensive one?

  2. Well they all work, it's really up to you if you want the fancy percolator diffusers ash catchers and whatever.

    I always go straight tube, and I avoid percolator because I like fast clearing bongs. Some prefer percs though.

    A simple 18" straight tube that's glass on glass and large gauge (I forgot maybe 14 mm or 18 mm), should run about $50-100. I don't get colorful bongs with art on thrm, though that's your preference.
  3. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413294086.211356.jpg $180 grav labs single honeycomb

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  4. I like a nice ash catcher, diffused downstem, and a single perc and splash gaurd. Very common yet high quality scientific setup. My tube was $220 18" with a medicali showerhead ash catcher diffused downstem and shower head ufo

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