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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by CallMeHerb, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. ok, this is gunna be my first time building a box, followed by my first grow. my box is gunna have to be kind of ghetto, but that's ok. i'm just going to attempt to grow one plant as a learning experience. then after i learn some i'll upgrade my grow box and maybe attempt more than one plant. this is a little shelve area on my computer desk. i plan on putting some plywood in the back that i'll equip with a computer fan exhaust (running on a 9v converter). then i'll build a cabinet door on hinges for the front, doing my best to make it so no light escapes. i'm on a serious budget here. the area i have to work with is 27.5" tall X 18" wide X 18.5" deep. it's got two removable/adjustable shelves. i figure those might come in handy.

    my first question is what kind of light(s) should i use? keep in mind i'm only planning on growing one plant and i can adjust the shelves so it's always close to the light.

    my second question: will one computer fan running on a 9V converter create enough airflow if i drill a couple air inlets (fitted with pvc elbow joints painted black on the inside and covered with a fine screen to keep unwanted critters out)? i'm sure i'll have more questions, i just wanted to get started off right and with the help of you pros ;)
  2. here's a pic of my growspace without the shelves. i havn't done anything to it yet, waiting for input before serious construction begins.

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  3. here's a pic with the shelves. they move in 2" intervals up and down. i'm thinking about putting one as low as it will go and drilling the inlet holes underneath it. is that a good idea?

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  4. 1) CFLs will work best in that minimal amount of space, jam atleast 100w worth in there....

    2) yes :)
  5. a 70 watt HPS can give you an oz and a half to two oz in that space if you scrog down there. Kind of a small space but it will work if you want to put that much into it.!

    Good Luck

  6. Your going to need to scrog in that box because its so low. I would go with 2x 70w HPS. Mabey a single 150W hps if you mount it with a 1" gap from the top of the bulb to the top of the box and do a low U-scrog. The problem with the 150w is your going to run out of space easily, then you start burning colas.

    You can also go as john said with the CFLS. My advice in order from best to worst would be 4x 42W, 6-8X 26w or 24w. The cfls run a bit hotter then the HPS so you might need 2 fans but they will allow you to grow to about 1" of the lights so you gain allot fo room for training and soil depth. Your going to need a large ~1' tall square continer so keep your eyes out of anything that fits well.

    If you wnat to have a veg box too you cna make a wall about 6" from the side so youd have a 18x12" flowerbox using only 1 70w HPS and a 18x6" veg section with a few CFL's for 1-3 moms and clones.

    Grow 2 plants in case one is a male.

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