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  1. Was hoping someone here could lend me a hand in putting together an Intel powered PC with a budget of around $5-700 for a Processor, Graphics Card, Memory and Mobo. I was originally looking at i5s and i7s, and was wondering if the i7 would really be worth the extra ~$75-$100 investment.

    I forget... are we allowed to post links here? If so I will reply with them. Otherwise I was looking at this....

    Processor - i7-3550, i7-3550k (or the i5 equivalent)
    Graphics - PCI 3 Express card w/ CrossFire capability
    Mobo - Intel, Crossfire and PCI 3 Express

    Please pm or reply. Would love some help as I have to order this ASAP for work and overnight it
  2. My advice would be to go to a pc building forum.
    That way you can look over the threads that are already made and be able to compare different setup a in order to get the best bang for your buck.

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  3. Just to quickly touch on one of your questions there are two things you should never cheap out on and that is your MOBO and your processor. If you can afford an i7, absolutely get the i7.
  4. is i7 the best u can get

  5. No but its good enough, lol.
  6. whats the best and how much does it cost
  7. The "best" processor out there is one that you likely can hardly obtain, and could consume your entire PC building budget.

    Unless you're into some sort of high-end processing, an i7 is going to be plenty powerful enough. Besides, perceived "speed" is affected much more with an SSD upgrade which would be probably well worth your investment.

    Support can also be difficult to come by when trying to run on the bleeding edge of technology, so be careful when shopping for the latest and greatest.
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    What is this for? Main programs you are running?

    You only need mobo, ram, processor and GPU for 5-700?

    You have everything else or what?

    I am thinking he is talking about server CPU's being better, which they are but not something a normal person gets for a desktop....

    Intel Xeon E5

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