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Need Help...buds are turning brown

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by backwood, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. I have 2 girls that's about to be harvest, but one of them the buds are turning brown...not sure what the cause of this, some of the buds are turning brown while the rest of them are green, all the leaves are green too....can someone help me figure out what the problem is, the other female is fine.

    I have pictures on my phone if I can send them to someone to look at.

  2. That would most likely be mold my friend, pick ALL of that brown colored bud off as soon as possible and keep a very close eye on it to make sure it doesn't spread, mold is caused by caterpillars, rain, humidity, and several other factors, it helps to shake ur buds off after it rains. Try to go through and look at all of the buds without molesting them to make sure there is no more mold, because mold will ruin a whole crop. I too have been having some mold problems, but I seem to have it under control.
    Some fungiside sprays(Safer 3 in 1) work well too if it gets out of control. Good luck.
  3. Thanks man, I was thinking the same thing...but didnt want to believe it..lol.
    They ain't no way to reverse it...lol
    Can I still smoke the molded buds.....ughhhhhhh

  4. Yea it sucks, but it happens to the best of us. I have already lost a couple of nice buds due to mold. No I would not smoke moldy bud, I have heard from several people that it can cause a lung infection if smoked, and it probably wouldnt taste too great anyways.
  5. Thanks again man..........that do suck because there some big buds on this plant that's brown, going out there later tonight and will clip all the brown buds off.

    These girls are some of the best I ever grew and to have this happen.......ughhhhh

    What can I do to prevent this in the future?

  6. There are several ways to help avoid mold, shaking the plants off after it rains is one, spraying them with fungiside and keeping the mold causing caterpillars off of them are also good ways to avoid mold. The best thing to do is just to check them often and try to pick the mold off before it spreads and does a lot of damage, I have had to harvest early because of mold and it really sucks. Good luck man.
  7. Once again thanks budbrother.....I'm going to clip all the brown buds tonight, will let you know later....thanks again

  8. Well, here's the verdict....bad news, it is mold...I clip all the brown buds off and broke one open and there was white spider web/cotton like stuff underneath all them......urgggggg.

    There were a couple tops that had mold, there still a lot of buds on the plants.....everything else looks good.

    I did a search and looked at threads and pictures of mold, also with the help of budbrothers....now I know the problem.

    I've grown in the same area before without a problem, didn't have a bug problem this year....so I'm guessing the humidity has to be the culprit.....dammmmmmn.

    I got to take a smoke break now, nerves ain't good right now....lol


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