Need help. Brown spots on leaves and then dying

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    Hello everyone, I am in dire need of some help. I started flowering 3 plants on February 28th, they had been in veg since January 19th. I started them in 50/50 pro mix and fox farm ocean forest. I have them in 3 gallon containers with a 1000 watt HPS setto 75% power. Starting about a week ago I started seeing these spots appear in on only one of three of my plants, within day the leaves are yellowing and dying. I have been feeding "light feeding" of general hydroponics veg nutrients the last few days thinking it was maybe a nutrient deficiency, but to no avail. I checked the Ph of my water and it's about 7. Although when I took a PH of the run off from the plant it was way down at 5. I'm assuming the problem is the PH but maybe someone has seen this issue before. Almost all the leaves are getting the early stage spots now and I can see the other plants beginning to shows signs of the same problem. I fear they will all soon die if I can't figure out the problem. If it is the PH how can one adjust PH in soil?
    Thank you guys very much for your time. I have attached pictures starting with early stage to late stage of my problem, thank you again.

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    Get some Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus or something simluar because you have a calcium deficiency. If your water is at ph 7.0 and your run off is at ph 5.0 then you should do a major flush, (double you pot size), using ph 6.6 water, and keep flushing until a 1 gallon pot of run off is also ph 6.6. Then if you are using a schedule of... feed, water... flush with ph 6.6 water the size of your pot, then drip dry, before you feed. The right ph level at the bottom of your pot is just as important as the right ph level around the rest of your pot.

    Fix ph first before doing anything else!!!!!! As a runoff of anything below ph 5.6 in soil will lockout calcium.
  3. Thank you so, so much man. I really appreciate the in depth response. As soon as their night cycle is over I am going to do that. You definitely saved my plants! Thanks again, much love.

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