NEED HELP! Bleached Leaves!

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  1. Well today I put my Ultimate Widow(Local Strain) under a bigger light than I had originally had it under and the leaves started to bleach. They are barely bleached but just enough to tell what was going on. With this stunt the growth now because someone told me if the leaves get bleached that their no good anymore. I'm hoping that it gains it's green color back? Anyone got some advice? I also put it back under the light I originally had her under. I'm getting a little nervous now, I've put a TON of hard work and time into her to fuck up like this. She was only under the light fora couple hours and I caught it, so I'm hoping I caught it in time.
  2. Bleached spots on a leaf will not gain their color back. Once they're white, they're dead. How extensive is the damage? Any pics? What kind of lights are we talkin?
  3. What exactly were the lights you were using to grow your plant? The terms original light and bigger light don't really help with the diagnosing process.

    Also, a picture is worth a thousand words.
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    Two forty watt long tube lights I think that's what there called. I had it like four inches from the lights. I'm going to get some pics on here shortly, but you probably won't be able to see it very well or at all. I'm pretty sure I caught it in time. I'm just curious if just a tad bit of color change is going to do anything? Is it safe to be uploading pictures online as well? Their not dead bleached they just a couple of the leaves towards the top just started to get a white tinged down the veins.
  5. Well I did some research and they say the leaves should gain their color back as long as they haven't been bleached to the point of death. (Dead Leaves) It's barely showing up on the leaves so I'm thinking I caught it just in time. I'm still going to be uploading pictures just to get opinions. Just a noob being scared of ruining my crop is all.
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    What spectrum(s) were the lights emitting?

    It's safe to go to manage attachments and upload them onto GC through that.

    Also, once the green is gone that's usually an indication that the chlorophyll is dead and the plant will most likely drop those leaves. Don't worry about it too much though, as new leaves will take their place.
  7. /photopost/data/501/006282.JPG

    I'm still new to this website, but that's the link to the page where the pictures are.
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    I think you missed part of the link.
    Ah figured it out.

    That isn't bleached...anywhere. Are you talking about the lighter coloration of the new growth? That's natural, it'll darken.

    Oh ok, on a second look I see it. Verrrry very slight. That's nothing, that'll probably disappear.
  9. Well I keep copying and pasting everything in it and it wont work... GOSH, this is frustrating. :/ Let me see what I can do.
  10. Pics will be awesome I also had a plant get a few spots on it from the light I think so I'm interested to compare
  11. Yeah I was going to say it's got to be bleaching of the leaves. It was really lush a green before I put it under that light and it started to turn white and now the leaves have started to turn a yellow tinge which I'm guessing is from killing some of the chlorophyll. So you think she'll be all right then?

  13. Yeah it'll be perfectly fine as long as it IS in fact just the lights. It is a suspiciously similar pattern to Mg deficiency...
  14. Yes, trust me it had to been the lights because I had her a bit close to them and this is the first sign of this bleaching of the leaves. And it didn't happen until a couple hours after she had been set under the light. Now that she's under the light she was originally under she seems to be doing fine, but I'm keeping my eye on her just in case.
  15. Here, lemme help.
    Yeah, just keep an eye on em. It does look more light the beginnings of bleaching, so I think you're good.

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  16. Picture looks good man, they don't look bleached at all.

    If you're worried about possible future deficiencies, try to pay attention to which part of the plant is predominantly exhibiting the symptoms on top of how they are expressing them. Such as, Phosphorous deficiencies typically manifest themselves on the top of the plant, whereas Nitrogen deficiencies initially start with yellowing at the bottom. From my knowledge, Magnesium deficiencies can be found on any part of the plant, and its defining characteristic is the emphasis on the veins in the leaves.

    This chart is really helpful with the diagnosing process.


    Good luck.

  17. I'll keep you guys updated! Thanks a lot!
  18. Well she seems to be doing great! The leaves got just a tad yellower but not much. So other than that she's looking good!
  19. It's not spreading is it?
  20. Nope, it's just got a little yellower at the tips that got a lil bleached. Other than that she might have got stunted a tid bit but she's doing great.

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