need help best bong $30-60

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    I have around 30-60 dollars for a glass bong, and i dont know much about bongs i usually use a makeshift one or use b wraps, so im looking for a glass bong that does not have a carb hole and is between 1 and 1 1/2 feet tall, so if any of you have reccomendations on which ones are good it would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance

    it would also be really helpful if the site accepted paypal
  2. check out a site called not the best quality in the world but in a way ya get what you pay for. got my first bong there and i still use it weekly.
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    Mini Hvy beaker..or straight tube..check ALT
    Ehle makes a small straight tube..check EDIT
  4. i would just go to a headshop, throw down the dough and ask them what they got!

    haggle a little maybe and get something cool. i wouldnt trust doing it online personally, i dont see why you wouldnt want to know what its like with your own two eyes.

    gooood luck
  5. Ehle 100ml i have one and i love it to death such a great and practical lil tube.

  6. I see people calling them a scam..
  7. I'd say go for the mini hvy tube on ALT. Its glass on glass with a diffused downstem and ice pinches. Trust me its better than anything you'll find in a local shop for that price, unless you live in a place with really nice shops.
  8. Imho that is too small. My friend bought one off edit, paid a total of $50 including shipping. When he opened that box and I saw what he got I started laughing lol. That little thing in no way is worth the $40 price tag, it is a good bong (it is really smooth actually) but for the size and glass thickness I dont like the price.

    If I were you OP, I would just grab a tube from my lhs. Gotta support the local blowers and shit.
  9. Well the way me and my friends got more size out of it is just by taking longer hits. I thought i was a lil small to when i first got it but it works out.

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