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  1. Im 7 days in flower and my two soil ones look suspect to me they came from a kyrptonite strain that was full of seeds. I was watering them and looked close and think they might be males but not sure would love some feedback so I can decide what to do

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  2. Male for sure chop that shit
  3. those are photos of two different plants so both?
  4. Im not experienced , not at all ! But from what i've read online and seen im pretty sure IMG_7592 is a male man , sorry about that
  5. I took that plant down I was pretty sure it was male too just wanted to make sure just got one more plant to see if its male or not then I should be good kinda sucks all three bagseed plants turned out male
  6. Male. Order female seeds bro
  7. I do my last grow was female seeds and I have two buckets with female seeds I was just testing diff nutes out with the bag seed

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