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  1. Need help with drooping plant. I have not watered it for 5 days because thought it was due to overwatering. Found little gray insects in the bottom of my tray under my pots. Using soil. They have two little tenticles and are about 1/4 or less of a mm. Don't know if this is the problem or not, but i have been informed these are ok bugs and will not hurt plants.(Sow bugs) It keeps gettin worse so need advice asap.!!! Attached is a pic

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  2. those bugs maybe mealy bug if they are they will eat the little roots
    then you plant can not use water or nute right so if i was you i would kill
    them no matter what people say about them being ok
    if they are mealy bugs malathion will kill them but search mealy bug
    to see if its the same bug if not then try to post a pic and someone will know what kind it is
  3. they dont have that many legs and they are real hard top shell
  4. There's a lot of possibility's. . .

    Too hot
    too humid
    under/over water
    not enough light
    too much fert

    I would ID those bugs though, sounds like the most probable cause.

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