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Need help asap!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Charby1990, May 10, 2010.

  1. have a drug test coming up in the next 2-10 days for a job. The last time i smoked was 2 weeks ago tomorrow and smoked every other day for 2 years before that. i am 6'1" and weigh 160 pounds so im pretty skinny. i have been drinking water and taking cranberry pills. i took a at home drug test today and failed but i made it worse case scenario (first pee of the day and didnt drink any water so my pee was really yellow). i am going to take another test tonight after drinking about a gallon of water at work and i took 3 cranberry pills. I kind of wanna buy a detox drink but hear they are a waste of money let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for me. ill post the results of my other test later today after i take it.
  2. Alright, go buy a little box of instant jello, what ever flavor you like. pour it into a bottle of water and drink it like 3 hours before your test. it was like coat ur intestines with a wax type lining from the jello or someshit. and it wont let ur body release the thc into ur urinary tract...Just what iv been told by a few friends and it works for them. but also try to sweat alot and drink alot of water. Good luck.

  3. Ya since its a work drug test, that would probably work. I think its called suregel.
  4. thanks ill give it a shot i just really need to pass this because my dad got the job for me and if i dont he'll kick my ass lol
  5. Unless it's a wicked ass job, or your future career, who cares?

    Just tell your dad you smoked weed. If he gets mad, oh well, what can he do to you?
  6. just use someone elses clean piss problem solved
  7. [ame=""][/ame]

    good thing youre skinny.

    also heard taking 4 asprin a few hours before the test can create a false negative.
  8. thanks guys i just really want to get this test over with so i can blaze again and my dad tokes up with me he just told me the guy would be calling and to stop for awhile and i just dont want to let him down
  9. god luck man.
  10. Bought some b12 and my piss is still clear anyone know why its 1000mcg and i took 2 of them

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