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  1. I am a new grower. How long does it usually take for a plant to start to flower and you need to go into the dark stages? Any info is good info.. Please respond asap
  2. Depending on strain/plant health,,,once you change to 12/12 you should see pistils within the next ten days....

  3. first u have 2 put light on for 18h 6h dark
    after about 7 to 8 weeks switch to 12/12
    then its party time.

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  4. Thanks for the info. Now I have been doing 18 6 for quite some time now. I have been growing for about 2 and half months.. Should I start to put it on 12 12???? I would like my plants to bud soon.. Will that make them bud faster??
  5. When you make the switch to 12/12 make sure that you make the dark period longer. For instance, after the last day of 18/6 wait at least 12 hrs to turn the lights back on at 12/12.

    [​IMG]Speaking of 12/12, I posted this at that time:smoke:
  6. i think u can switch the time now.
  7. High

    I do a complete VEG stage at solid 24/7 lighting for the 1st 6 weeks. Then I pop the plants in to a 12/12 lighting..Within 7 to 10 days your females will get white pistol hairs at the nodes..I run the lights at night to keep all the heat down..:D:D:D
    You all stay cool an grow great big Awesome BUDZ
  8. Just make sure it stays completely dark during dark time light interruptions at all...and if they are males .....pull em out.[​IMG]
  9. Do you mean how long do you veg it before flower or how long once you flip the light schedule to 12/12 to induce flowering, until you actually see buds? Veg to your heart's content. The bigger and healthier the plant, the bigger your harvest at the end. After the light flip, you should start to see your plants begin to form buds in 7+ days. It's from the time you actually start to see buds forming that you start to count your flower time. Leave out that week or so that it is making the transition into bud.
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