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Discussion in 'General' started by ARlexington, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. So I bit my tongue a couple nights ago while I was sleeping and its just a minor sort of bruising and a little cut (that hurts when I eat) but, I have been washing my mouth out a couple times every few hours with mouthwash so I want to know, should I not smoke because of this? My main concern is infecting it or making it worse in any way

    thanks GC!
  2. Smoking may irritate it but it wont get it infected. You would be amazed how much bacteria and sick shit that is already in your mouth.

    If you are that worried you can always swish around some alcohol (stuff to clean wounds) + water in your mouth, just dont swallow that shit.

  3. ya man totally I remember my mom telling me this back in high school thanks for that man! I would plus rep you for awesomeness but, I don't know how to do it. haha thanks for posting man

  4. Next to where it says "permalink" on someones post you click that and it adds to their rep. I don't even know what that means but a few people have been "repping" me lol.

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  5. Permalink is used when you want to actually link someones post rather than linking the thread the post is on.

    But ya np OP
  6. You'll be ok dude, it's not like theres a gaping wound on your tongue, you really don't need to be mouthwashing all the time either. Just rinse after you smoke if you want to be sure, but the mouth is one of the fastest healing things on your body.

  7. I know but I was just telling him that NEXT to "Permalink" is the little button you're suppose to click to add to someones rep. Anyone wanna explain to me what rep is? I'm assuming reputation lol.
  8. Ahh my bad thought you didn't know what the "permalink" button meant. And yes you are correct.
  9. Well to me that was something useful and cool remembering that so I can definitely see why haha

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