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  1. Hi everyone i have a big problem thats happened 2 years in a row. My outdoor plants have been growing great and im only using superthrive ones in awhile but its almost time for flowering and the new growth on my plants are turning brown and dying this happened around the same time last year. Please any info will help

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  2. looks like they got burned from the superthrive. I would advise you to flush them asap if the are in a container with 3x the container size with proper ph'd water.
  3. There in the ground outside and ive used superthrive for years with no problems using it heavily like every other watering ive only used it maybe 6 times total this year and havent used it in atleast a month and this problem started maybe 5 days ago is there any other thing u can suggest? And thankyou so much for the reply
  4. Mine are doing the samething right at the budding sites. They arent producing any hairs only parts of the plant. Did you find out what it may be? Check my post.. Thanx

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  5. Has it been sunny lately and rained?
  6. Has it been sunny lately and rained?
  7. Layoff the Superthrive and just water your plant. Add some perlite to your plant to increase your nitrogen intake
  8. No idk wtf is going on im about to lose alot of weight if i cant figure it out
  9. I stopped the superthrive over a month ago. And have been giving them just straight water and everything is browning and dying what do u mean by increasing my nitrogen intake like grow big or somewhere in those lines? Thankyou so much for the reply
  10. Yes has been a real hot streak and rained not to long ago but this has happened 2 years in a row i got 2 grow spots my one ive been growing at for along time all those plants are doing great and the new grow spot i started last year has caused me trouble only around flowering time.
  11. What I mean by "increasing your nitrogen intake" is adding some perlite into your soil mix. It might help with the yellowing/brown that your plant(s) are having.
  12. Well not trying to be mean, but since you have one spot that you grow at and no worries from the sound of it, so i would say it is the soil in that new spot is the issue. I would say to dig out a hole and line with plastic with plenty of drainage holes ect and fill with new soil.
  13. It might be some root problems. Did you examine the plants leftover from last year?

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