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Need Help Asap

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheChronicali, May 20, 2013.

  1. Ok guys- Well it all started with me finding my dads bud about 5 months ago. He had a weird kinda black bud the first time and said it was expensive. He told me he threw out his stash after i had found it but i knew he wasnt going to throw it plus his nice bowl. Recently, i found his new hiding spot. I need some help identifying the type of hash. I will try to get a pic a lil later when i take a jeeb of it. But it's dark black and it smells like cow shit, the texture is suprisingly soft and easy to break apart and there was a stem with it that looked like a tiny stick but somehow had the same texture as the hash. Idk if its hash, hash covered bud, or what, but please post if you have any ideas.... I've asked all my experienced dealer friends (who sell nice hash) and none of them have seen it before
  2. Pictures... Post them.
    It's probably resin, in which case, you probably don't want to smoke.
    And stay the fuck out of your Dad's stash, I'd smack the piss out of you if you were my kid stealing out of my stash.

  3. Heres some pictures... And i left my dad a half g so i hardly think taking a hit of his is going to hurt especially when im trying to just make sure hes not getting ripped off... I dont want him smoking cow dung even though its prob not.

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  4. I would eat cow shit before blazing down that. That shit looks nastier than black tar heroine
  5. Lol i actually took 2 hits after realizing i could see crystals if i looked close and it appeared almost dark green when packed but that still doesnt answer what it is... And im feeling fairly high also
  6. That looks fucken nasty!
  7. lol smoking cow dung, idk why but that made me chuckle something good. but yeah it looks like resin, if it tastes like shit then you have your answer.
  8. Maybe his dad got sick of him taking his stash an left this for him to find an kept the good stuff for him slef.

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