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  1. Yellowing leaves on my biggest bitch, seems to be happening to my smaller 1s too , week 3/4 flower ... Take a look!

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  2. Nitrogen u think , temp 28 does get a bit stuffy in room?
  3. Y does nobody bother to post?????
  4. Hi Mersemud.
    I'm not a pro but had the same issue last year with an organic medium. The plants were not AK's. I checked my drainage water P/H and ended up adding lime to my soil to bring up the p/h in the soil. Even though I had been watering with 6.0 to 6.5, By the time the water passed through the soil and came out of the bottom of the bucket, the p/h level had dropped to 4. Not good. That led me to the soil being the issue. I added some pulverized garden lime and mixed it into the top layer of soil and made sure to get the lime activated asap by watering a bit more. After one week they were all back to being a group of healty,stinky and green ladies again. Thats my story. I'm just trying to help. Hope you get it figured:smoking:

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